Why Supplement?

Why supplementing with NADH is important:

  • Vegetables, fruits and other vegetarian food contain low NADH.
  • NADH obtained from meat and fish would only deliver a minimum amount –due to being degraded by the stomach’s digestive gastric acids.
  • NADH improves the efficiency of liver enzyme functions.

How does energy depend on NADH?

  • The billions of cells that form tissue and organs and ultimately the human body have an important assignment to produce energy.
  • When our cells slow down or decline the most visible result is tiredness & overall fatigue.
  • NADH is a part of every living cell. Inside each cell is a process known as the krebs cycle combines NADH with hydrogen to form ATP, your own body’s energy.

NADH is the biological Rocket Fuel.  Every cell of the human body contains a certain amount of N.A.D.H.  As a natural energy transfer molecule, it is of crucial importance for the transformation of food-based energy into cell exploitable energy.  NADH is now available as a food supplement that supports the body’s own energy metabolism on the basis of the transfer of biological energy. The more NADH we have the more energy we can produce.

NADH Benefits for anti aging:

  • Aging is a complex biological process – as we age the NADH and energy levels in our cells decrease: ageing is loss of energy.
  • When cellular energy declines below a certain threshold cells begin to slowly deteriorate & tissue degenerates.

NADH is a powerful antioxidant and free radical scavenger. Antioxidants protect the body from highly reactive molecules called free radicals, which have the potential to damage cells. This free radical damage has been associated with various degenerative diseases, including the aging process itself.

When do I take?

  • If generous quantities of fresh uncooked food (raw fruit, salad and vegetables,) are unavailable
    during travels…
  • During periods of stress at work
  • When practicing sports and physical exercises
  • When high intellectual performance is expected during tests/exams and demanding tasks
  • To increase daily performance and vitality

Comparison of NADH Supplements


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